Autonomous mobile robot from IFC TEAM

Taranda is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), the natural navigation technology enables automatic obstacle avoidance and route adjustment to realize rapid deployment and efficient productivity improvement providing high standards of disinfection on air, surfaces and objects. The main characteristics are:

1) Productivity:
Taranda as an autonomous mobile robot, responds to an explicit demand for productivity reducing cycle times, obtained thanks to the accuracy, repetitiveness and speed in operations to complete an online delivery cycle.

2) Reconfigurability:
Thanks to the natural navigation algorithms it is possible to set the robot up in compliance with an environment, tracking paths and activities in a utterly flexible manner: when the working environment layout changes, the robot can be adjusted to the new needs.

3) Safety:
Taranda is collaborative with the people that inhabit the environment in which the robot navigates, guaranteeing a high degree of certified safety and the best assistance. The prior identification of the essential safety targets for each application, depending on the navigation environment, is a fundamental element.

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