Ausil Systems

IFC TEAM partners with Ausil Systems to provide next-generation solutions in computer vision technologies and contribute with value propositions that lead the market. Ausil Systems is an innovative technology-based company dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of advanced automated inspection systems, according to the particular needs of each project. With an automatic in-line inspection of 100% of the products, the optimization of quality processes, inspection reliability, reduction of manufacturing costs and high productivity and efficiency are pursued. IFC TEAM partners with Ausil Systems.

Thus ensuring:

  • Unit traceability of the product
  • Reliability in inspections
  • Online inspection as just another production station
  • Objectivity of inspections
  • Cost reduction
  • Compliance with the agreed quality
  • Automation of inspection processes
  • Digitization of results, BIG DATA projects
  • Automation of quality reports
  • 100% inspection of the products. Sampling removal