IFC TEAM, S.L. In the continuous search for excellence in value-added solutions, it has recently reached an agreement with OSE Group to provide commercial reinforcement and technical support within Spain. In order to give greater flexibility to numerous manufacturing and assembly processes, IFC TEAM introduces the small-format PROLYNK AGVs product family to the market.

This solution allows multi-product process installations, elimination of bottlenecks, compartmentalizing stations within different manufacturing or assembly flows.

The benefits are immediate:

  1. Have standard solutions that allow delivery times to be drastically reduced.
  2. Need for smaller spaces, as they are more compact solutions, allowing them to be reduced by 35%.
  3. Total flexibility, allowing 100% reconfigurable solutions depending on the needs.
  4. Total scalability allowing working with low initial investment levels and increasing capacities in parallel with market needs.

Fundamental technical characteristics:

  1. Load capacity from 5 to 30 Kg
  2. 4 Models: A4_AGV, A4H_AGV, A3_AGV and A3H_AGV
  3. Speeds from 600mm / sec. for the A4_AGV (5Kg) model up to 250mm / sec for the A3H_AGV (30Kg) model
  4. Repeatability +/- 0.05
  5. Automatic battery changes in less than 10 ”
  6. 99.99% availability