About Us

Our Company

IFC TEAM is made up of a team of highly motivated professionals trained in complementary disciplines. With 25 accumulated years of experience and knowledge, curiosity continues to be the engine of our ability to provide innovative solutions that contribute to industrial development.

Our Mission

IFC TEAM provide a differential value proposal in the Industrial Sector, providing comprehensive advanced and creative engineering solutions, based on a multidisciplinary professional team, motivated and prepared to understand and accept projects as complex challenges.

Our Solutions

They improve the productivity and profitability of industrial processes. Our solutions provide new capabilities, skills and greater competitiveness to the industrial sector.

Increase capacity and performance in customers' engineering and production processes. Our solutions increase your chances of success in the market by guaranteeing a shorter Time to Market and a Just Cost. Due to their innovation, adaptability and anticipation, they multiply the business opportunities of those who have trusted us. They provide our customers with access to the category of Premium products and prices.

Our Vision

The secret is to listen to understand

In the market for outsourcing engineering services and projects, the best solution is never born from a simple good idea or from the blur that a merely commercial vision of the project usually produces.

The most valuable and efficient solution arises from listening to the industrial need and understanding the complex challenges that exist in it. Only then is it possible to contribute something truly advanced and creative that integrates concepts such as the acceleration of Time to Market, short and long-term ROI, available timing, quality assurance and reliability, usability, maximum durability, increased productivity and, of course, increased profitability, among others.

IFC Team