HBPO Pamplona

Dirección de Proyecto y Área de calidad

HBPO expresses its satisfaction with the involvement and support received from IFC TEAM during the start-up of their plant.

Michael Grimm, General Manager
HBPO Pamplona

HBPO is the result of the union of three companies, HELLA-BEHR-PLASTIC OMNIUM, with the aim of offering complete solutions in the area of front module production. Today HBPO is the world leader in this business segment of the automotive sector.

Following the formal request of its client, HBPO went to work to be able to supply, in the record time of 4 months, front modules for a consumer vehicle.

HBPO started from scratch, since at the time of starting the project there was no production plant, industrial facilities or employees in the area. It is easy to imagine the difficulty of this challenge, as well as the magnitude of the consequences that failure could bring.

On the other hand, initially, the timing for the start-up was set at four months. However, the particularities of the project finally forced the start of production to be brought forward.

One of the first activities to be carried out at the beginning of the project was to equip it with the team responsible for its execution. The difficulty of the project was known, and for this reason HBPO contributed its best technicians, moving them from a total of six countries on three different continents: Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, England, Japan and Mexico. HBPO, aware of the experience that the IFC TEAM team could contribute, decided to assign us the corresponding responsibilities to the Project Management and to the critical Quality area.

Despite the reduction in timing, not only was the required deadline met, but it was also achieved, in the record time of 3 days of production, to achieve a ramp up of 0 to 1,500 front modules / day.

The HBPO client expressed his great satisfaction with the challenge achieved, a success that was decisive in the award to HBPO of the annual award for the best supplier.