Rockwell Automation - Magnemotion

Magnemotion is a global leader in the development of intelligent transport systems, based on Linear Magnetic Motors (LSM) technology.

With far superior performance than conventional solutions, LSM technology places high-speed automation in the future.

A wide range of products, in some cases suitable for clean rooms, allows moving loads from grams to tons. Sectors to which this technology is directed are: Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Cosmetics, Automobile, Sterile filling, Packaging, Medicine, Nuclear, etc.

IFC TEAM wants to become a reference engineering in the supply and development of the most avant-garde applications destined for sectors and clients where the transport and assembly of components is an important part of their manufacturing processes. Reason why IFC TEAM contact Magnemotion at its headquarters in Massachusetts, USA and for several years it had its representation in Spain and Portugal.

IFC TEAM, once Rockwell Automation acquired the company Magnemotion, has gone from having the representation of the company for Spain and Portugal to being a Recognized Integrator of the Magnemotion family of products.