IFC TEAM joins Secpho, a technological innovation cluster made up of companies, technology centers and research groups, experts in photonic technologies, who firmly believe in collaboration. Because no one goes very far by going alone and only those who collaborate and connect their ideas are capable of reaching where no one has gone.

Secpho is focused on promoting technological innovation through the application of photonic technologies, or technologies based on light, to all types of sectors of our economy. These technologies are going to be the true revolution of the 21st century and can be included in the following groups:

  • Sensors, scanning and imaging systems
  • Laser systems
  • Communication systems, networks and data transmission
  • Advanced lighting
  • Screens and displays
  • Photovoltaic Power Systems

Secpho is mainly oriented to the following sectors of the economy: Health, Agri-food, Cosmetics and Aesthetics, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical sector, Automotive, Advanced Manufacturing, Energy and Environment, Rail, Aerospace, defense and security, Telecommunications, Construction, Scientific facilities and R&D centers. The main objectives of Secpho are:

  • Generate business opportunities for companies.
  • Facilitate access to projects for technology centers and research groups.
  • Promote innovation in the field of photonic and optical technologies.