Software Engineering

Recently the manufacturing were lines dedicated to a product and large volumes. Today that vision is totally surpassed and our clients ask us for multiproduct lines, with model changes in seconds and flexible to the ability to adjust to variable and changing volumes.

This situation leads us to the development of software applications that are increasingly robust and reliable as well as open and flexible, ranging from receiving orders or JIT telegrams, managing them, indicating each of the manufacturing or assembly stations What specific customization does the next product to manufacture have, sometimes in infinite combinations, helping operators with systems that show the components to select in each phase of the process. To collect and trace process data in sectors as demanding as the automobile or pharmaceutical sectors, opening connection paths with robotic systems, AGVs, MES systems, equipment and artificial vision control facilities using deep learning systems, etc.

At IFC TEAM we are focused on the development of automation solutions where software will play a decisive role. We go without complexes to more automated environments where Artificial Intelligence will develop its full potential and that is where we want to be.