New line JUST IN TIME assembly of Front VW Palmela - Portugal

IFC TEAM has developed for a major multinational in the metallurgical sector TIER 1 of the VW Group, the assembly line in Just In Time supply environments for the VW T-Rock and VW Sharan models, which VW manufactures at its VW Palmela facilities - Portugal .
The development of this project has posed a new challenge, in addition to the one normally associated with lines of these characteristics, where the reliability during their life cycle must be max. given the requirement of a JIT sequence supply, the development of a new concept that has allowed 2 totally different modules to coexist in the same line with their respective dedicated stations for each of them, allowing both models to work simultaneously in the same installation, with the consequent savings that this has allowed
The control system of the line receives the JIT messages for both modules in parallel, our system being in charge of launching the corresponding transport pallet on the line given the differences between modules, as well as giving each station the necessary instructions to carry out the correct assembly process in its many possible varieties. With a control of the important parameters of the process, collecting data from the screwing systems and control by artificial vision, guaranteeing their absolute traceability.