IFC TEAM Presents Taranda, a disinfection robot at the Anticovid Technologies Day organized by the Fotonica Cluster

It has been almost a year since the Coronavirus arrived to our society. Since then, applications and technological initiatives have multiplied in an attempt to control the situation, treat patients effectively and facilitate the efforts of overworked healthcare workers, waiting for an effective vaccine.

The pandemic has also provided an opportunity for the unprecedented development of Digital Information Technology and surveillance, in order to collect reliable data and evidence to help make public health decisions. Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Drones are being deployed to help track the disease and enforce restrictive measures; while scientists are working with synthetic biology and nanotechnology in an attempt to prepare and test future vaccines, treatments and diagnostics. Blockchain applications can help track contagion or maintain the medical supply chain. In addition, 3D Printing combined with open source technologies has been able to supply medical equipment (eg masks, ventilators and respiratory filters) at the height of the health crisis. At the same time, Telemedicine technologies have become an alternative to face-to-face medical assistance.