New line JUST IN TIME assembly of Front SEAT Leon and CUPRA Formentor

The line manufactured by IFC TEAM has recently started series production of the Front SEAT León model in Just In Time supply environments for the SEAT factory in Martorell.
In a short period of time, the front of the new CUPRA Formentor model will be manufactured on this same line, both models include the mounting of headlights.
Both models will share the same assembly stations despite their important geometric differences, this has forced us to solve the important technical difficulties that this solution implied.
This means that the stations have to be adapted in seconds to one model or the other, since both are produced indistinctly on the same line and without a predetermined order, in addition to the already innumerable variants of each of the models, with the consequent savings that this has allowed.
The line control system receives the JIT messages for both modules in parallel, our system being in charge of giving each station the necessary instructions to carry out the correct assembly process in its multiple possible varieties. With a control of the important parameters of the process, collecting data from the screwing systems and control by artificial vision, guaranteeing their absolute traceability.