Robotic door panel welding cell

IFC TEAM has developed an innovative concept of ultrasonic welding installation.
Until now, ultrasonic welding installations were totally rigid, lacking any kind of flexibility and required extremely high levels of investment.
Our solution provides absolute flexibility and investment levels that are more than acceptable. In the installation that we present here, intended for the welding of door panels of different models, the flexibility was given by the possibility of replacing the support cradles of the different references and applying their specific programs to the robots in each one of the different references to manufacture.
Interchangeable sonotrode systems automatically turn our solution into a welding center similar to a machining center where tools are exchanged depending on the part of the process to be carried out.
Two rotary welding installations with 6 robots each and a product loading and unloading point in each one of them, have made it possible through a quick-change cradle system to produce 3 different vehicles with a total of 12 different panels.