Headlight assembly stations VW Navarra- Brazil and South Africa

IFC TEAM has received an order from VW Navarra to supply 2 + 2 mounting machines for the headlight plus headlight guide for its Polo model.
These facilities require control and traceability systems of the most important parameters of the process given the criticality of this assembly, since a correct flush of the headlight with all the elements that are in its environment of the finished vehicle depends on it: hood, bumpers and side fins.
After loading the components by hand, the installation automatically references the components among themselves and proceeds to join them. Once this is done, the results are verified by measuring some predefined points and the results are displayed by means of graphs, immediately warning that these values are outside the pre-established control margins.
Given the simultaneity of the production of the VW Polo in the factories that VW has in Brazil and South Africa, IFC TEAM has been commissioned to install these same machines with some changes in both factories, transferring their technicians to them to carry out the tests. corresponding validation processes.