New lines JUST IN TIME assembly of Front SEAT and VW Navarra - Spain

IFC TEAM has developed for an important Logistics Manager TIER 1 of the VW Group, the assembly lines in Just In Time supply environments, for the SEAT Ibiza and Arona models that are currently being manufactured in Martorell, as well as the VW Polo and T-Cross, which VW manufactures at its VW Navarra facilities.
The development of both projects has been an important technical challenge since the lines that work in this environment, where the reliability during their life cycle must be max. given the requirement of a JIT sequence supply, where a line stoppage entails more than important penalties.
In this case, our client, in addition to requesting IFC TEAM to direct the industrialization of the assembly lines, asked us to carry out the management of the project in its entirety, giving both OEMs reassurance that the project was under the supervision of a company of recognized prestige in the automotive sector for this type of process, as well as contributing its experience in the development of the team to take over the project in its production stage.
Our client received recognition for how the project had been completed, which we are very pleased with.